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How Operational Excellence will help your companies:

  1. Operational Excellence - BY DESIGN, synchronises all vital elements in business management: man, method, machines, material, money (a step before continuous improvement with lean as a principle of choice). Operational Excellence involves Value chain construction and must pass through the followingstages below:
  2. Organisation Effectiveness - Designing the organisation lean to ensure everybody and every asset add value as intended. Learn more!
  3. People Alignment - Break down barriers and integrate activities to ensure focus on attaining and sustaining business, One Organisation, One Vision. Learn more!
  4. Empowering - Everybody knows how their work will impact others, and everybody will held accountable to improve how they deliver results Learn more!
  5. Process Efficiency - Making sure all activities are value adding and continuously able to identify nonvalue adding work to be discarded. Learn more!
  6. Key Levers Performance - Putting focus and track performance where it matters most to business. Learn more!
  7. Safety and Sustainability - in lean and making sure processes are effective and efficient, safety and sustainability must be built in and prevent cutting corners just to deliver short term gain. Learn more! Learn more!
Operational Excellence Journey

OeX Journey Phases:
1. Be brilliant at the basic: The focus is more on risk mitigation and compliance with legal and basic requirements.
2. Sustain: After you're already excellent at basic, you can focus on improving efficiency and increasing yield.
3. Best in class: You're pushing your boundaries through innovation and creativity. Being the best in class will allow you to be a benchmark for best practices in your industry.

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Oex Journey
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