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Who we are

Jasmiza Solutions Sdn Bhd is a top training provider in Kuala Lumpur that has been delivering various solutions to organisations through Operational Excellence Management Systems. We Our experience and success story has left organizations calling back. We have deep functional and industry expertise and passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to our clients.

Manpower Planning Jasmiza Solutions

What we do

Our Job Design Approaches in HRM as Change Management Consultant iin Malaysia, using Operational Excellence Tools, makes the process of manpower planning look easy for organisations. Our Economic and Business Intelligence Unit covers the whole Retail Market Analysis for Malaysia by analysing the Economic (and Political) Review and Outlook that would impact on the overall business performance. We do market Analysis and tell you where you belong and where you should be to harness a good ROI. We also ensure that the Health, Safety & Environment of your business follows Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) standards. Learn more...

Manpower Planning JSSB Malaysia

How we do it

Among the list of training companies in Malaysia, we are the best training provider that employs the 6 Sigma tools of Operational Excellence Model to calculate the Full-Time Equivalent(FTE) of your manpower to avoid redundancy and leakages that arises through shortage or overage of employees.

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