Operational Excellence Academy Malaysia

Operational Excellence

We use Operational Excellence to empower people via systems and capabilities, intelligence and improvement to deliver results.

Economic and Business Intelligence

Economic and Business Intelligence

Your business is bound to waste money and time on sales, marketing, product development and R&D without proper economic and business intelligence. Jasmiza Solutions have experts to walk you through this. We create a befitting profile for your company and analyse your industry for you.

Health, Safety & Environment programmes

Health, Safety & Environment

Getting the fundamentals of Safety Management is essential to ensure safety awareness for first line supervisors and engineers alike.We would take you through FELT leadership for operational excellence, CIMAH report and review by DOSH competent person.

Our Featured Products

Manpower Optimisation

At the end of each manpower optimisation session, the organisation would be able to come up with a complete manpower planning that optimises the productivity level which comprises of holistic budgeting.

Outlet Performance Management

Through Outlet Performance Management, we ensure that all operations at outlet and warehouse run smoothly using the correct SOP. The outlet and warehouse will have a Job Manual, SOP, suggestion for layout and also form/template needed at the end of the programme.

Core business of Jasmiza Solutions

Business Outlook and planning

We provide a full-fledged business plan or any specific derivatives of the business plan to our clients. This consists of profile of the company, industry review and outlook, strategic plan, promotional, marketing and sales strategy, manpower planning, business outlook and budgeting plan as well as funding requirments and alternative plans.

Process Safety Management

Through process safety management we aim to impart positive effect on the safety of employees as well as their employers such as increased productivity. 

Manpower Optimisation

The smiles on our clients faces keeps us going.




Manpower Optmisation Sessions Completed

As one of the best training provider and consultation experts in Malaysia on operational excellence and manpower optimisation, we have run more than 180 sessions and been rated a prefered TRAINER by reputable organisations including PETRONAS.


Satisfied companies

As an HRDF approved training provider, we have serviced more than 40 companies. Our prgrammes are organised under the SBL-KHAS Scheme whereby the training fees are borne by PSMB based on claims we submitted upon training completion.



With more than 3000 callbacks from customers requesting for repeat sessions and new products from our team marks us out as one of the best training providers in Malaysia.


"This is an initiative for us to upgrade our business’ quality to achieve our vision and mission. Previously, we do business by using intuitions. But today, this is the processes we need to through in order to grow bigger. We are glad to have JSSB team to our company. We are facing with unsystematic working process issues, we hope JSSB can help us."

Abd Razak Ibrahim
CEO, Olive House Utara

" I take JSSB team’s visit to our company seriously. Thank you for enlightening us in managing our business better."

Mohammad Rozie Mohd Rejab
CEO, MROZIE Holdings

"We are grateful and feel blessed for having JSSB with us in this battle field. This is a very positive initiative for our business’ growth."

Husni Zaim Mohmadan
CEO, Husni Resources

"This is a very good project, in which we can check the technicalities in our organisation and improve our business processes."

Norpaiza Adnan
CEO, OHM Global Sdn Bhd


Principal Consultant, Economics and Finance 

Principal Consultant and Trainer 

Principal Consultant, Health, Safety & Environment 

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