Management Consulting

As management consultants,we are always finding solutions for your problems and ways to overcome limiting issues. We do case profiling and determine the root cause analysis.Then we create a process of change to close the gaps by cascading Key performance Indicators to the level that your staff becomes effective leaders.

Training & Facilitation

Our Trainers and facilitators are very skilled and highly experienced in their fields of practices. We design training modules based on our findings or your problem statement and we facilitate them to exceed your expectations.

Business Process Optimization

Using benchmark optimization processes, we assess and document current processes, SOPs and individual Job descriptions. We evaluate the deployed business processes against the stated operational and performance objectives to identify areas of potential improvement. The bottom line is streamlining of business processes across business units and removing redundancies that affects productivity and optimization.

Leadership & Sustainability Programs

In a world full of dynamism, we expect leaders to influence their people towards goals and values which are sustainable and contain a vision for the future. To achieve this we run personality tests using a fundamental tool from Aston Business Assessments called Trait (Personality and Competency) Test.Our Leadership programs grooms leaders that would create the change for Sustainability.

Human Managers!

Jasmiza Solutions Sdn Bhd is a creative and consistent Human Capital Management Development institutions in Malaysia. Since 2008, we have been among the best training companies with a focus on development of business managers and executives and has been playing an integral role in proffering long lasting solutions to organizations that would enhance system performance and maximise organisation resources.

Each year, we organise several training and workshops. Our in-plant courses meet peculiar needs of the clients through programme objectives and contents design. The open subscription courses offer participants the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and share life experiences

Our Committment

The world of management and training has been changing and we have not left you behind. Hence we work in alliance with a pool of Subject Matter Experts in various businesses and fields to update existing courses and develop new relevant ones that would match your business requirements. These professionals also share their up-to-date knowledge and experience as facilitators and trainers of Jasmiza Solutions programmes.

We believe that whatever gives value to man is what you have used to develop him, hence we are so committed to changing the way you think about your business....

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